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Epic War 5 Hacked

Epic War 5

Date added: 2015-07-06
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About Epic War 5

The prophecy of Hells Gate is coming true, and you must join in Arcade Epic War 5 Hacked game unblocked and stop it before this ends the world. All kids can play this game at school without worry. Eternal Queen Etheriea has peacefully ruled the Realm despite many challenges for a thousand of years. Now, the kingdom is in danger of facing a big fight. Equip your hero and get ready to attack. Your hero and units can learn new skills and improve their status using the experience points they obtain by winning the battles. Embark Epic War 5 Hacked Strategy now. Explore the great wars. Hope you enjoyed!


Press G to heal hero, H to toggle mana, J to increase the population of the unit, K to instant spawn unit, L to instant spawn all units.

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