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Age Of War 2

Age Of War 2

Date added: 2015-04-25
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About Age Of War 2

Play Age of War 2 hacked unblocked at! Now you can continue to explore the fanciful fierce battles at school with this interesting game. Dudes, you shouldn’t miss it if you are a true fan of strong acts and tactical skills. The main basic aim of this game is to survive and wipe out the enemy bases. You need to build up your turrets to protect your bases from the incoming enemies, create your own units and command them to destroy the foes. Try to kill enemies to earn extra XP points and use them for you evolvements. Now let’s show off your skills to conquer the Strategy games! Good luck!


Use the mouse to control in the game
Hack information: receive extra gold, 100 unit limit, quick unit creation time. You won’t lose any XP points for evolvement and special attacks. Lots of XP points are added once destroy enemies, so you can evolve as much as you have desire.

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