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Raft Wars Hacked

Raft Wars

Date added: 2015-04-21
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About Raft Wars

Play Raft Wars Hacked unblocked now to support our little cheerful boy! This is an awesome game of Shooting Games that you shouldn’t miss. Raft Wars is all about the exciting story of Simon. He discovered a valuable treasure by accident. Unfortunately, some pirates knew this good news, and their cupid rise up. They want to rob the capital of the boy. You shouldn’t let this bad thing happen, do something to stop them now. Wish you fun with our Arcade Games


Use the mouse to control the battle.
Hack keys: Press 1 to toggle Health for player 1 and 2, 2 for money, 3 for grenades and 4 for rockets.
Note: the hack is visible after your first shot.

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