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That S My Moon 2 Phantom Menace Hacked

That S My Moon 2 Phantom Menace

Date added: 2017-04-28
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About That S My Moon 2 Phantom Menace

There is a fierce gunfight awaiting you in That’s My Moon 2 Phantom Menace hacked unblocked! Play this Shooting game online now to show off your skills In the game, lots of enemies are trying to destroy your base. So, you must head out to kill all of them as fast as possible. Aim precisely, shoot at them from afar and stop them from approaching your base. Your main goal is to survive until the end and become the winner. Give it a try now!


Use the mouse or left/right arrow keys or keys A/D for the movement. Shoot at enemies with left mouse button and change weapons with spacebar.
Hack info: Gain more health with key 6, add more cash with key 7, get rid of enemies with key 8, and finish a level with key 9.

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