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Intruder Combat Training Hacked Unblocked

Intruder Combat Training Unblocked

Date added: 2017-05-29
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About Intruder Combat Training Unblocked

In Intruder Combat Training hacked unblocked, you will undertake a very tough mission! Play as an invader trying to get into the realm of the opponents and start killing them faster before they kill you. To do so, you have to utilize your abilities and strategies wisely. Get an edge over the opponents, dodge their attacks and try your hardest to survive until the end. The battle will get harder than when you make a progress. Join it now and see if you can stay alive longer or not!


Arrow keys or WASD are used for the movement and jumping. Use the mouse for shooting at enemies. Tap key 1 to change the weapons. Reload your gun with key R, and drop grenade by using spacebar.
Hack info: Your health never goes down. Gain more ammo from shooting. Perform slow motion with key B, commit suicide with key K, and stop with key N.

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