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Freddys Bomb

Freddys Bomb

Date added: 2017-06-08
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About Freddys Bomb

Freddys Bomb hacked unblocked is a great flash game online based off of Five Nights at Freddy’s game. The game sets in a restaurant named Freddy’s Burger, and you come here to work as a night guard during 6 hours. You are supposed to keep this place safe while trying to struggle against other animatronics wandering around out there. You need to track their movements, and try to kill them by dropping our bombs. Don’t let them jumpscare and kill you, or else your game will be over! Have fun! Hack info: You can gain more lives, timer, money, bombs, speed by using keys 1,2,3,4,5 respectively. Press key 6 to finish your level.


Move your character by using arrow keys, drop the bombs with spacebar

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