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Duck Life 4 Hacked

Duck Life 4

Date added: 2015-04-11
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About Duck Life 4

Play Duck Life Hacked unblocked now fellows! This game is one of the most exciting Arcade Games in Arcade Games website. Take this chance to test it. One year after the ban of genetically modified ducks, a racing duck reigns supremely. Let beat him and take this throne in Duck Life 4. To do that, you have to train yourself first. You will start with climbing, flying, running and swimming. After you feel that your skills are good, let head into the tournament. Enjoy the Duck Life 4 Hacked!


Use the arrow buttons and 1, 2, 3, 4 to control your duck.
Press spacebar to interact with the game.
Hack keys: Press Q button for Money (+10000), W button for Duck 1 level meters + 10, E for Duck 2 level meters + 10, R for Duck 3 level meters + 10. You also can press W, E or R buttons to gain level fast

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